Military Car Rental Discount Links

If you’re looking to rent a car for official or leisure travel, you may be able to get a better deal through some of the major providers with their discount programs. While the deals aren’t always better, it is worth checking just to see if you can save a few bucks.

Rental car driving on a road

Links to Military Rental Car Discount Programs

Things You Need to Know

  • Deals are NOT always better – While you’re not going to see a worse rate, sometimes the military discount rate is the same as the civilian rate.
  • You CAN get way better rates – Sometimes the rates are insanely better than what is offered to civilians. Personally, I’ve seen the best rates during times where the civilian rates are jacked way up for a special event.
  • You may see limited inventory – Some of the programs clearly have limits on which cars qualify for the military discount programs. If you search and don’t see the car you want through these links, you may want to try the regular links to see if the car you need is available. Obviously, there won’t be a discount in that situation.
  • You can get access to rewards programs for free that have perks – A lot of the companies will give you complimentary access to their rewards programs. For example, you can get into the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program just for your service. This program in particular lets you rent without going to the counter, pick from more cars, and earn more points for a rental.
  • Discounts often extend to veterans as well – Most of these programs offer the same benefits to veterans as they do to active service members. The only “verification” for most programs is showing a military ID at the time of pickup. That being said, I’ve used these discounts a lot and have never had to show my CAC.